5 things to look out for when choosing your meeting room

Thursday, October 19, 2017

So – you’ve found yourself in the position to make that important pitch and win those last few stakeholders over, or your monthly review meeting is coming up, or a crucial project is being brainstormed.

No matter the reason, you need a suitable space to work in, to foster a productive, professional and positive environment – you need a meeting room.

But just googling ‘meeting room hire’ will land you in a swarm of clients battling for your business, and you need to know how to choose the right fit for you. Hotels, serviced offices, there are a lot of decisions to be made.

That’s why we’ve chosen, 5 things to pay attention to when you’re choosing your meeting room, to tailor the experience correctly for your organisation.

Choice for time and flexibility

No two organisations are the same, and neither are the way they conduct their meetings. Gone are the days where you are expected to pay for a full day’s hiring costs, only to spend two hours there! Make sure you get your value for money, find people willing to be flexible. Companies which offer a variety of packages tailored to different clients’ needs are slowly becoming the industry standard. Don’t be short changed.

Customer Service

Having a clear point of contact with the organisation you’re hiring from is a great help to anyone looking to host effective and efficient meetings. If you’re struggling with audio-visual equipment, the air conditioner is malfunctioning, or you just want to know where the best coffee is, being able to find and interact with management makes a surprising amount of difference.


Serviced offices have enjoyed a recent boom in popularity, and for good reason. Having all variables taken care of before you get to the grindstone really does streamline the collaborative working process. Choosing a meeting space with the best facilities – WiFi, food, beverages, etc. – will make the meeting much more comfortable overall, and allow you to focus on what’s important.

Accessibility and location

This one is in the service of pragmatism. What good is a meeting room if it isn’t convenient to get to? Make things easier on your clients and colleagues.

Presentation, lighting and decor 

No one wants to work in a space that resembles the latest Marvel villain’s lair (unless that’s what your company is going for). It’s been documented that well-lit and nicely decorated workspaces allow employees much better focus.


If your next meeting room booking needs to meet all these requirements, you've come to the right place. Click here to see Liberty's meeting room options.


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