How To Effectively Use A Private Serviced Office

Friday, June 30, 2017

1. Make use of service staff
The Liberty  team are ready to assist you with daily tasks like: taking phone calls and messages, signing for packages as well as organising documents and photocopying. Make sure you take full advantage of these services, as having these small tasks taken care of will save your organisation a significant amount of time and money. There is sometimes no need to hire a full time secretary, as you will already have in effect a part-time one that is shared. 

2. Flexible office size
One of the advantages of a having a serviced office is that you can adjust your office size according to the growth of your organisation. It doesn't matter whether your organisation is expanding or downsizing as you have the flexibility to adjust as needed. There are no long-term commitments involved. In a traditional office space there is very little growth flexibility available, as you must make a long-term commitment to a set office size. 

3. Use communal technology
Your organisation will have access to high quality equipment and technology that can be a drain on capex. This includes: shared high speed Internet, video conferencing, projectors, flat screen TVs and high quality printers. There is less of a to need to invest in a costly printer as well as supplies and maintenance, as it will already be included in your serviced office package. So make sure that you utilise this communal technology to its full capabilities. Did you know that most serviced offices only charge you for what you use? Determine what services and facilities would be useful for your organisation and ensure you utilise them.

4. Personalise your space
You have the freedom to decorate your serviced office in a way that reflects your organisation's personal ideals. Serviced offices are uniquely flexible so take advantage of the opportunity to add your own touches to the space. This could be as simple as adding some plants, art or unique lighting.

5. Networking
One of the most important elements of 'good business' is networking. In a serviced office you have access, formally and informally, to other organisations that reside in the building. This allows for new connections and opportunities to be formed which can be especially beneficial to small organisations as your 'network' is your net worth. Business collaboration can also be key to innovation so being able to talk to a diverse mix of business owners can add value to your own organisation. 

6. Use the additional facilities
There are usually many additional facilities and services available to rent in a serviced office. It is useful to bring light to these extra facilities and discover how your organisation can profit from them. This is especially important when those facilities and services are included in the price. Having a professional board or meeting room available for when people visit your office can be very useful. 

Although serviced offices certainly offer substantial financial savings, it is important that you effectively use the space in order to benefit fully from the offerings.

How To Effectively Use A Private Serviced Office


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