Private serviced offices can save you money and increase revenues

Friday, June 30, 2017

Leasing or buying office space is a major cost of running any organisation and can be a huge financial burden, but it doesn't need to be.

Research from The Chartered Institute of Purchasing & Supply in the UK showed that, compared to traditional offices, serviced offices can provide substantial financial savings for office users. Lowering set up costs, initial capital outlays and hidden charges in conventional leases, by utilising serviced offices could result in your organisation making a saving of up to 78% over a three year lease.

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Flexible Terms and Costs
Having a serviced office comes with the benefit of flexible payment options. Your business will find a range of payment options suited to your individual needs. Furthermore, a short or medium-term lease, means you do not have to commit capital for rent in advance. Serviced offices offer leases for as short as a month as well as options for those who need to stay longer.

Only pay for the space you need
It can be difficult to predict what your business needs will be in three years time. If you only need a small amount of space for now, why pay for an entire floor or building to grow into? Moreover, it is easier to expand and reduce the size of your serviced office to suit your organisations need.

Ready to use
There is usually little downtime moving into a serviced office. You don't have to worry about setup, staffing and facility costs that moving into a traditional office incurs. Traditional office fit outs can cost you time and that can cost a lot of money.

All essential facilities are included
Capital outlays such as network connectivity, service staff, kitchens facilities, Internet connection and furnishings can cost your organisation considerably. But having a serviced office means that you can avoid some of these extra costs. Usually, everything you need will already be included and bundled into a fixed price. There maybe some additional services and facilities (such as staff and printing) that you can purchase ad hoc. You will save in the long run as you only have to use them as you need, because there are no long-term commitments.

In serviced offices, spaces such as meeting rooms can be used on a 'pay-per-use' basis. Which means that you can save the money you would be spending on these areas in a traditional office lease. Furthermore, occupying a serviced office can give you access to equipment that you may otherwise require infrequently, such as presentation hardware, copying / printing equipment.

Predictable Utility Costs
The cost of fast and reliable Internet service provision, advanced air conditioning, cleaning services, efficient heating, water and electricity could be a significant cost in a traditional office. However, these costs are all bundled into one fixed package with a serviced office, so you do not have to try to estimate what those individual extra costs could be.

Reducing running costs can be of particular benefit to start-up companies. A set payment each month allows the organisation to budget more easily. Cash-flow is crucial and this way of working allows a business to live within their means without the loss of services.

Builds brand image
A modern, professionally presented interior design serviced office located in a city centre will give the business a more professional look and feel, which can be important in making a good impression on clients, shareholders and suppliers. A newly furnished serviced office can augment your brand image and consequently add to growth of revenue over time.

Private serviced offices not only save you money, they can help you grow.

Private serviced offices can save you money and increase revenues


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