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Sunday, October 1, 2017

Over the last 6 years we have received consistent feedback about our approach to customer service but until now we have not had a formal way of recording our client’s comments or recognising our team of Liberators when they deliver service excellence.

In July we announced that we would take part in one of the world’s most recognised customer service awards competitions. The WOW! Awards use actual customer feedback collected independently to recognise exceptional levels of customer service.

Jamie Vine, Chief Liberator, founder and CEO, “Our aim is to deliver EPIC service to our clients in order for them to succeed. To measure how well we are doing, we need to benchmark ourselves with the best customer service from around the world, and not just in our sector. To do this we are working with ‘The WOW! Awards’.”

Liberty chose this programme because ‘The WOW! Awards’ is the only international awards competition for great customer service based entirely on independently collected customer compliments.

We were recently visited by Derek Williams, CEO of the WOW! Awards. He was in Perth congratulating nominees and personally delivering awards as part of his annual tour of Australia from the UK.

“We work with organisations across the world, helping them to engage with their customers in a positive way. We provide businesses with the tools to make it easy for their customers to tell them when they have delivered great service,” said Derek, “We have been very impressed with Liberty’s client centric approach and we love how Liberty celebrate the team’s impact on client satisfaction”

Jamie added, “This programme lets our customers tell us what we are doing right. It is motivational, it is inspirational, and it will encourage our employees to deliver even higher levels of customer service in the future.”

Since the WOW! Awards went live we have had a number of nominations and we are delighted to announce that three members of our team have already received awards.

Congratulations to Sasha, Paul and Hannah our Nominees in August and September.

Sasha Denby

‘Greets all persons with a smile and retains a pleasant demeanour throughout the day.  Sasha has shown a willingness to meet all client needs with a can do attitude.   Exemplarily service.’

Paul Miller

‘Paul delivered EPIC service by providing 5 star relationship building with clients.  He understands the client's particular circumstances and provide a solution to the problem.  He was eager to help me to start up my new business.’

Jamie Vine, Jo Williams from the Wow! Awards, Paul Miller, Sasha Denby and Derek Williams, CEO of the Wow! Awards.


Hannah Byrne

‘Hannah definitely showed 'Intuitiveness'. Every Friday afternoon Hannah brings little chocolate treats to every one in the office with a 'Happy Friday' message. But last Friday she came around before lunch. When I asked her why she said, "I'm not working this Friday afternoon and I wanted to make sure no one missed out". It's a small gesture that made me feel like the chocolate giving is done with genuine care and that she'd thought ahead because she knew how much we look forward to it. Thanks Hannah that was EPIC.’


Hannah Byrne and Jamie Vine


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