COVIDSafe Plan

The government requires all workplaces to develop and implement a COVIDSafe Plan. In line with the WA Department of Health ‘Environmental cleaning in non-healthcare settings’ guidelines below is a list of initiatives we are proactively undertaking within our locations:

Reception Areas

  • We have surgical masks available at each of our reception areas. If you would feel more comfortable wearing a mask in our offices, please ask the team at reception for your complimentary mask.
  • Hand sanitiser will continue to be available in all Liberty reception areas.


Visitors Sign In App

  • We are rolling out a ‘Visitor sign-in’ app which will be introduced to our reception areas to collect data on all visitors within our premises.
  • All visitors within our buildings will be required to Sign-In and complete a questionnaire to determine their risk to you, your team, and ours.
  • This sign-in process will include a COVID-19 declaration and in addition to declaring their current health status, it will oblige visitors to inform us if they become infected within 14 days of visiting our facilities.
  • This will be instrumental in assisting authorities with their tracing processes in the unlikely event of an outbreak.


Offices / Coworking

  • We have ordered personal hand sanitisers for each desk within our space for your personal use, these will be distributed when they arrive.
  • We have ordered personal antibacterial wipes for every occupied desk to enable you to clean your computer keyboards, mouse, and telephone, again these will be distributed when they arrive.
  • We will disinfect every surface, including high touch areas, in our communal spaces, and coworking spaces daily.
  • Within your offices, our regular cleaning service continues, and we recommend you wipe down all surfaces regularly as an additional measure. Cleaning contractors are generally reluctant to clean occupied desks due to the perceived liabilities associated with touching your computers and paperwork, therefore we are introducing a Surface Cleaning service for those who would prefer to outsource the cleaning of the surfaces in your office, this will be undertaken by Liberty team members at a small cost of $5 per workstation. This can be done daily or weekly upon request.

Meeting Rooms

  • We have temporarily reduced the capacities of our meeting rooms to ensure all delegates can remain 1.5m apart during their meeting. Our pricing has been reduced by 30% to reflect the reduced capacity until these restrictions are eased.
  • All meeting rooms will undergo a full surface clean between meetings.


Breakout Areas

  • All surfaces in kitchens and utility areas will be disinfected every two hours.
  • Dishes, cutlery, cups & glasses are cleaned in a domestic dishwasher using appropriate dishwasher detergent.
  • Dishes and cutlery etc are stored clean and dry in a cupboard to prevent potential contamination from sneezes or coughs.
  • Salt, pepper, tea, and coffee will also be stored in cupboards.
  • Prior to handling dishes and cutlery staff ensure they practice good hand hygiene (wash with soap and water or use an alcohol-based hand sanitiser for at least 20 seconds).
  • Fridges are only to contain food required to be refrigerated for consumption that day. No long-term storage of items will be allowed. Fridges will be cleaned and disinfected weekly. Any item in the fridge on a Friday afternoon will be discarded.
  • We have commissioned posters to remind people of the need for increased hygiene protocols and they will be displayed around our premises.


Members must self-quarantine if they have:

  • Travelled overseas in the past 14 days,
  • Been in close contact with a confirmed case of COVID-19.
  • Members who need to self-quarantine should notify us and stay away from work. They should seek immediate medical attention if they become ill during the quarantine period and call ahead of arriving and mention their travel or contact history.
  • Employers should make appropriate arrangements so that workers who need to self-quarantine stay away from work. Where possible, the worker should be provided with flexible work arrangements such as working from home.
  • You may have noticed that our landlords have provided hand sanitiser in the public areas of the buildings we occupy, limited lift occupancy, and increased their cleaning regimes to include high touch areas being cleaned more regularly.