FDIO Thought Leadership Event

Wednesday, April 11, 2018 5:30PM - 7:30PM

Ground Floor, 197 St Georges Terrace, Perth


Running Indigenous corporations - "Is this the hardest CEO gig in town?"

Being a CEO of an Indigenous organisation is a privilege yet it brings with it a unique set of responsibilities, opportunities and challenges, including the need to balance corporate and cultural governance obligations.

This is 'not your average CEO position'.

Join us for this provocative and enlightening 'FDIO Thought Leadership' conversation as current and former CEOs of Indigenous and Non-Indigenous backgrounds share their experiences, provide insight and respond to your questions.

  • Why is being a CEO of an Indigenous owned and controlled organisation very different from CEO roles in other Not-for-Profit and/or Corporate entities?
  • What does it take to effectively walk and talk in both the corporate and cultural worlds?
  • Are there certain characteristics you need to succeed in this environment?
  • How do CEOs rate service providers and support agencies?
  • What's the key to a successful Board-CEO dynamic?


  • Current and aspiring Directors of Indigenous Organisations
  • Corporate entities with Reconciliation Action Plans
  • Resource Sector companies with relationships with Traditional Owner Groups
  • Service providers to Indigenous Organisations/Trusts
  • Government agencies with an interest in Indigenous policy and self-determination
  • Community members interested in enhancing their cultural understanding

Light Refreshments provided
Tickets - $25


FOR MORE INFORMATION please contact Tahnee Davies of FDIO on tahnee.davies@fdio.com.au or 0466 726 909

FDIO is grateful to receive sponsorship and support from the following corporate partners in 2018:
Nexia Australia
Jackson McDonald
Grant Thornton

FDIO is a not-for-profit organisation which relies on sponsorship to achieve its objectives.


For more information about FDIO visit www.fdio.com.au or email us at info@fdio.com.au 

We have gathered a number of Aboriginal and Non-Aboriginal CEO's of local and regional Indigenous Orgaisations to share their experience of what its like to walk and talk in both the Corporate and Cultural world....and what could be done differently and better in this arena.

The role of a CEO in an Indigenous Organisation is "unique" - join us to find out why and what can be done to further empower and enable Aboriginal people to have their rightful place at the decision making table.

Please forward this note to anyone else you feel may b interested in this topic and/or joining FDIO's membership network to share information and learn more about how we prepare and support Boards, Directors and Executives to practice effective, culturally informed governance.



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