Public Speaking – Controlling Your Nerves and Finding Your Voice Event

Friday, March 9, 2018 2:00PM - 4:00PM

Eagle Boardroom, Level 24 Allendale Square, 77 St Georges Terrace, Perth.

Liberty launches the Advance Series

Liberty is proud to be launching a series of personal development sessions called Advance. We will partner with various organisations and cover a range of different topics. Some events will be free to members and others will incur a small cover charge.

In our first series we are partnering with Chatterbox to tackle two vital skills for any business professional; Public Speaking & Presentation Skills.

Session 1:

Public Speaking – Controlling Your Nerves and Finding Your Voice

Public Speaking generates fear in almost four out of five people, yet it is clear that having the ability to speak publicly while confidently delivering your message is an essential life skill. It's a skill that builds businesses, accelerates careers, and increases overall confidence levels, yet the act of speaking publicly is still feared often as much as death. The vast majority of people feel nervous, anxious and afraid of speaking. Clammy hands, a pounding heart and dry mouth are common symptoms that distract us from our ability to present effectively to an audience – but they are symptoms that can be overcome.

Tickets are $89 + GST – follow the link


About the presenters:

Shil Shanghavi

For most of his life, Shil has been a nervous speaker riddled with anxiety and a stutter which plagued him until his early thirties - when he finally decided to face his fear and tackle the issue. He practised fine tuning his speaking skills and now shares his experiences with people who want to improve their public speaking and presentation skills. Shil helps people manage their fear, embrace the nerves that come with public speaking and in doing so, instils confidence in people, helping them to become engaging and effective speakers. Shil holds a Bachelor of Commerce in Marketing & Management and is the President of Young Guns Toastmasters. He is also a Commercial Fitout expert, self-confessed gym junkie and a tragic Manchester United supporter!

Lois Andrijich

Lois is an experienced Human Resources Executive, having worked with large organisations across a diverse range of industries including Aged Care, Manufacturing and Retail.

A skilled and confident speaker, Lois has presented at conferences, participated in podcasts, and runs regular training courses. Strong public speaking skills have been pivotal to her successful career, and she is passionate about helping others improve their speaking skills.

Lois holds Undergraduate and Honours degrees in Psychology, a Masters in Human Resources Management, and a Certificate in Strategic Management from Harvard University.

In her spare time Lois enjoys spending time with friends and reading, and is constantly amused by the antics of her two naughty miniature dachshunds.


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