LibertyNet Client Network

Have you ever wondered who that person you pass in the corridor works for or what that company in the corner office does?

It is amazing what happens when you find out and connect. We've dozens of cases of clients collaborating and helping each other when it happens.

We've created LibertyNet so businesses can find out who is in the network and connect to provide connections, introductions or support to each other.

LibertyNet can communicate what your business does, allow easy networking and if appropriate provide special offers to the community: discounts, referral rewards, free advice etc..

Only Liberty clients can join this closed community and we moderate all entries to ensure they're completed correctly and are a live account.

Once registered, Members can search for companies in the network by name, or search for companies by business category.

Each company profile has an optional direct contact button you decide to add or not. This opens an enquiry form that's emailed to the main contact.

Phone numbers and email aren't displayed, unless you add it to company description.

It's really easy to complete the online form - just click the link.

Returning client? Login here to see the Directory.