Coronavirus Update

Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Firstly, we hope you are keeping well as we collectively navigate our way through these unchartered waters.

The COVID-19 outbreak has temporarily changed the way most businesses operate and we have been working hard in the background to make sure we can continue to provide you with our usual high level of support in these unforeseen circumstances.  This work has resulted in a number of initiatives to support you, details of which you can find below.

We've also created a temporary logo to remind us all to keep our distance to flatten the curve.


No reduction in service

Over the last 2 weeks we have been trialling our ability to continue to answer calls in your company name from a selection of our Liberators' home offices. This was the first step in understanding the level of support we can continue to provide. I am delighted to confirm that the service works and we will be progressively moving some of our Liberators to operate a home-based telephone answering service.

This will mean we are moving towards a more skeleton support team across our locations until the government restrictions begin to ease. The onsite teams may be working between buildings from time to time, but they will remain dedicated to providing our usual support within our facilities. The onsite teams will be provided with parking wherever possible to restrict their exposure to public transport. Further, they will adhere to social distancing guidelines and we ask that you do the same when in our facilities.


Friends of Liberty - A small business support

Small businesses are the lifeblood of our community. Many of them are facing challenging times and need all the help they can get from all of us.

We want to highlight those businesses that are still operating, especially those now only able to offer home delivery or take away products and services.

If you're a small business share your news, offers and info so we can share it with this community.

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Meet up without meeting up.

Need a face-to-face business meeting interstate or internationally, but have poor internet access at home? Polycom corporate grade video-conferencing at Liberty is the solution.
With our corporate grade hi speed internet and high definition equipment you can experience board-room quality audio and advanced camera capabilities to share your ideas and put the mojo back into meetings.
We have a choice of video-conferencing facilities at Allendale Square on St Georges Terrace for a single individual or a room that seats up to four individuals (spaced approx. 1.5m apart).
During the Coronavirus crisis we’re offering 50% off the service.

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Be open when you’re closed!

Keep customer communications open even when the office is closed and stay ‘open’ for business
If your office has to close but you still need calls to be answered in your company name, need messages taken or calls diverted our virtual reception is here for you.

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Meetings don't have to be face to face


Teleconferencing is still a great way for a lot of people to communicate in a phone call, no matter where they are in the world.
Our teleconferencing service is very easy to join from either a landline or a mobile phone – all you need is a dial-in number and an access code.
We can provide tele-conferencing for up to 20 delegates.
This is an ideal solution to big teams with remote workers that don’t have great internet access. 

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Is working from home not 'working'?

If working from home is affecting your productivity (noise, distractions, temptations, and internet connectivity etc.), but you still want to comply with social distancing? We have a solution.
You can book a private and personal serviced office - with corporate grade internet connection - by the day or half day at a number of our Perth locations.

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