Wow! We're A Finalist.

Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Liberty have been selected as a finalist in the Wow! Awards 2018 in the category 'Best Customer Feedback Strategy'.

A year ago we made a decision to benchmark ourselves with the best customer service from around the world by choosing to work with ‘The WOW! Awards’.

We chose this programme because ‘The WOW! Awards’ is the only independent international awards process for great customer service based entirely on customer compliments.

To be recognised as a finalist in the category means we've done a pretty good job at collecting your feedback, and using it to measure how well we are doing and improve.

We believe the WOW! Awards is a truly unique way of raising customer service standards, improve Employee Engagement and through EPIC customer service bring better results to the bottom line.

The WOW! Awards work with organisations across the world, helping them to engage with their customers in a positive way.

They gave us the tools to make it easy for our customers to tell us when we have delivered great service for them, and then to give positive recognition to the employees in our organisation that are delivering that great service.

Instead of focusing on what employees do wrong, we let our customers tell us what they are doing right. It is motivational, inspirational, and it is designed to encourage the Liberators to deliver customer service to a consistently high standard.

The process works continuously, and helps us deliver so much more value than a “one off” awards event. 

It means we have a constant process that lets our customers tell us what they really like, and we recognise our people for delivering great service: It inspires our people, it helps us focus on what customers really value most and it helps to drive improved performance.

So far in this financial year our team has received 43 customer nominations, and if you have an urge to nominate a Liberator click here.


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