Abbey Hammond Liberator/Client Experience Team

Where are you from?

Nottingham, UK


I graduated from Aranmore Catholic College, Perth with my WACE and rugby scholarship. I also maintained my GCSE’s in the UK.

I worked in a variety of cafes or wedding catering in the UK and Australia and volunteered for a disability charity. 

Q & A

Orange Juice

Passionate about getting a good night's sleep (I will leave the club at 9).

The team members are hardworking and passionate. At Liberty, everyone loves to help everyone and keep people smiling. 

I would be a giraffe as I have always wanted to be tall. 

Getting a 12-hour sleep. 

Anything that shouldn’t make you laugh. I have a habit of laughing at bad times.

Ran up and down the Burswood stairs in heels with a concussion and whip lash to help with a client’s meeting. I will try to help regards less of the situation. 

I have met the world’s strongest man.