Amber Miller Liberator/Client Experience Team

Where are you from?

Boddington, Western Australia


I grew up in regional WA and went to school at Boddington District High School. After school, I started working in bar management in the same town at the local pub and eventually made the leap to Perth where I managed a small sports bar before finding my way to Liberty.

Q & A

Boddington, Western Australia

When we hit our lowest point we are open to the greatest change.

I’m pretty good at video games.

Three Days Grace, Linkin Park, anything along those lines really.

Fresh berries

Gardening, I have 30+ houseplants at this point in time.

The support I receive by those around me, I’m incredibly lucky to be working with such an amazing team.

A house cat, so I can nap in the sun all day.

I can ice skate, I did lessons for a couple of years.

Dad jokes and puns.

I’m always striving to meet my client’s needs no matter how large or small a task is, just the other day I stayed late to provide a viewing to walk-in client.

Colorado, it was the first time I saw snow!

Not as far as I’m aware of.