Anneliese Kirkland Liberator/Client Service Representative

Where are you from?

Wellington, New Zealand


In 2016 I graduated my Certificate III in Health Support Services through TAFE! 

I have spent the last year working in a Dental Practice and before that I spent 4 years working in a Medical Practice! 

Q & A

Wellington, New Zealand

“Let your smile change the world but don’t let the world change your smile”

I’m a little bit of a perfectionist 

I like all sorts of music – Mainly House music and Drum and Bass but I love a bit of Khalid and Blackbear also! 

I can’t choose between: Chinese, Indian or Pizza!

I would have to say a Passion Mango Smoothie from Boost

I absolutely love to Travel!

I love how supportive and welcoming everyone is at Liberty! Such an amazing team to work with!!  

I have always loved Sloths – They are so calm and chilled

My talent is not actually having a talent haha!  

I love a good comedy show but it doesn’t take much to make me laugh!

I feel every day at Liberty we all go an extra mile for everyone who walks in the doors whether it being helping set up an office or just a general chat with clients. The smallest things go such a long way and you never know how much a smile can brighten up someones day! 

I can’t decide between: Ibiza, London or Amsterdam

Well when I was in Vienna May 2018, I was unknowingly standing in front of Caitlyn Jenner looking at a sculpture – It wasn’t until I walked away my friend said to me “you know who what was right!” – I turned around and yeah it was Caitlyn Jenner haha!