Christian Argile Liberator / Client Experience Team

Where are you from?

Somerset, England


I did most of my school life in England but I was a drama student and graduated from John Curtin College of the arts.

I then spent 7 years at UWA running events and parties, studying a little bit in between.

I have mainly worked in hospitality to pay the bills but have been involved in a couple of start-ups too.


Q & A

Somerset, England

Be yourself, everyone else is taken.

I play guitar and sing/yell in a band

This one was hard so anything Mediterranean

Summer: Cold Lager Winter: Red Wine and Guinness. (Not in the same glass.)

Creativity and Ideas

I love that our team and the high standard that we look after our centres and clients is our key selling point.  

Probably a Gibbon because they are full of energy and do their own thing.

I can do a really good impersonation of a T-Rex

My friends and a good long game of Cards Against Humanity

Came into work extra early to ensure that a client had everything they needed for an early meeting, and hung around on standby just in case then made them a coffee.

A hard one but I’d have to say Koh Rong Island off the coast of Cambodia.