Corrie Keating Liberator / Trainee Manager

Where are you from?

Devon, England


Graduated from Ocean Reef Senior High School with a Business Certificate.  Previously working as a Day Spa Manager.

Q & A

Devon, England

Success is the progressive realization of a worthy goal or idea - Earl Nightingale

I have a slight obsession with bags; I’m always planning the next purchase.

Most people you hear on the radio but love a bit of Beyoncé!

Tomato soup.

Blue Powerade.

Making people happy!

I love that at Liberty you’re a team! There is always someone there willing to help. I also love the relationship you can build with the customers; it really is like working in a little family.

Dolphin – they are such happy and  creative little creatures.

Almost any English Comedian! 

Working on my day off to make sure one of my lovely clients could get her treatments done before getting married.

London, love how busy it is yet its still kept a lot of it historical beauty.

Jamie Oliver walked past me at an airport once but that’s as close as I’ve got.