Hannah Byrne Liberator / Client Service Manager

Where are you from?

Hertfordshire, England


I graduated from Ocean Reef Senior High School in 2013 with a Certificate in Business and Leadership. After working casual hospitality jobs for the two years following, I finally found myself a full time position with Liberty as a Junior Client Service representative. Since then I have been promoted into a trainee management position and am currently General Manager for 37 & 77 St George's Terrace locations.

Q & A

Hertfordshire, England

Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn't do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor

I have been competing in Beauty Pageants since 2014 and won numerous State, National and International titles.


I love anything Italian, Mexican, Chinese, Thai; really I just love anything!

My passion is helping people. Since I was about 14 before the world of full time work, I volunteered at the Riding School for the Disabled and coached a special needs Cheerleading team, I truly love helping people in anyway but mostly those who need a little extra care and attention. 

My favourite thing about Liberty is that it’s not just a job, it’s a work FAMILY!

I love that I can be myself and don’t have to change or tone myself down to fit a stereotype or role, that I am appreciated and accepted at Liberty for being the real me.

If I were an animal I’d be a bird because they’re adventurous, free and have an open view of the world.

My talent is 'accents and impressions', I can also isolate one eyebrow and move it up and down and hyper extend the joints in my elbows.

I am very easily entertained and find myself laughing at the silliest of things, quite often myself!

Going the extra mile for clients is a daily occurrence, from organising meetings and taking care of everything they may need or want, to carrying out administration support tasks to a high standard, to having conversations in the kitchens and lifts, and showing a genuine interest and care in their companies and, more importantly, them!


I am going to England, Ireland, Croatia & Greece later this year. I am most excited to do 'Sail Croatia'.

I haven’t yet met anyone famous, yet.