Liz Smith
Liberator/General Manager – West Perth

Where are you from?



I graduated highschool in 2012 where I completed a cert 4 in business and went on to complete a cert 3 in events and hospitality, then a diploma in events management.

Working across hospitality, events, corporate administration, commercial cleaning, private tutoring/nannying, and fitness & university sectors, I’ve spent years supporting customers & clients with their many goals.

Q & A

Your favourite quote/motto/saying?

“Love people, use things. The opposite never works”

Little known fact about you?

I’ve been on stage during a show at the Moulin Rouge and have a phobia of bananas.

Favourite Band?

Catfish & the Bottlemen, Arctic Monkeys, The Wombats.

Favourite Food?

Big ol’ bowl of lasagne followed up by a tiramisu.

Favourite Drink?

4 Pillars Bloody Sharaz Gin, Fever Tree tonic, slice of grapefruit or orange & a sprig of rosemary.

What you love about Liberty/your job?

The clients, you meet the best people across so many industries at Liberty.

If you were an animal what would you be and why?

A brown bear so I could have cute little baby bears and cuddle them without certain attack from mummy bear.

What’s your hidden talent?

A pretty accurate Cher impression specifically to the song “Strong Enough”.

What makes you laugh?

Black Books, really bad puns, dogs when they get zoomies.

Favourite place you have visited anywhere in the world?

Plitvice lakes, Croatia in the middle of Winter, it was like Narnia.

Have you met anyone famous?

I’ve met the occasional AFL player, but no ‘real’ celebrities.