Maeghan Macdonald Liberator/Client Experience Manager

Where are you from?

Geelong, Australia


I have worked in a range of industries. I have been a hairdresser, an indoor rock climbing instructor, worked in government employment, as well as administration and reception roles.

I took American Sign language at university in Canada and am currently studying Australian Sign Language.

Q & A

Geelong, Australia

"Human happiness is a disposition of the mind and not a condition of circumstances."

 John Locke 

I wanted to be a tattoo artist when I was younger.

Eddie Vedder

Plain Pasta

Personal development 

Being surrounded by proud, positive and productive people 

Hummingbird – I’m always going a mile a minute but I’ll look calm, cool and collected while doing it.

My competitive nature tends to give me an advantage in most board games… 

I believe we should always be pushing for the extra mile in everything we do. Treat others how you wish to be treated, and that for me is always doing the best of your abilities to help yourself and others.

I often frequent comic cons and pay too much to meet famous people…