Marcella Leite Barcellos Cruz Liberator / Client Representative

Where are you from?



When I was living in Brazil I was doing my degree in International Relations and volunteer work.

When I turned 21 years old I decided to move to Sydney. I stayed there for 2 years studying and working. After that I went travelling around the world which gave me so much experience, I learnt new cultures, ate different foods, I met new friends.

But then, I went back to Rio my hometown to keep studying but I ended up meeting the love of my life, he is from Perth and that’s why I am here.

Q & A

Not all who wander are lost

We Brazilians have a lot of superstitions on New Years Day and it is my favourite day of the year.

Music is one of my passions. It is really hard to choose only one but my top 5 are: Future Island, Gang of Youths, Beirut, Tame Impala and of course THE QUEEN Beyoncé.

A homemade Spaghetti Bolognese.

Fresh coconut water for the days and red wine at nights.

Changing sunsets, the ocean, camping, eating and drinking with friends and family.

I am the newest member of the team and I just love the fact that they embraced me as I am part of the family.

It is very sweet and kind!! Everyone is super friendly.

Dolphins just because they seem to be always smiling. 

I make the best guacamole.

Watching Modern Family. My partner says I am Gloria, the crazy Latina.

When I was working in retail I went to the customer’s house to exchange an item.

She was very pleased that I did that for her because she couldn’t get back to the store to exchange herself.

Cocos island, Rottnest, The South West and of course Rio de Janeiro.

I don’t think so.