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Tayla Singleton-Ball
Liberator/Client Experience Team

Where are you from?



I was born and raised here in Perth, graduating Lesmurdie Senior High in 2017. I worked in a local fruit and veg market for 4 years before moving into the fitness industry where I worked as both a sales assistant and a Personal Trainer before joining the Liberty Team this year.

Q & A

Where are you from?


Favourite Drink?

Always comes down to a good Moscato.

What’s your hidden talent?

I don’t do it very often anymore; however, I can sing rather delightfully.

Your favourite quote/motto/saying?

Fears are meant to be overcome.

Your passion?

Fitness and Mental Health; I think great things can come from exercising, not just from a physical aspect but also how mentally beneficial it can be.

What makes you laugh?

Really cheesy dad jokes.

Little known fact about you?

I actually did ballroom dancing when I was younger; I almost finished all of my gradings to become a competition dancer.

What you love about Liberty/your job?

I love the inclusivity of our team here, everyone is always happy to help out when needed. Not to mention our beautiful clients who liven up my days.

What did you last do for a customer that went the extra mile?

I don’t believe exceptional service should be seen as ‘an extra mile’; we go above and beyond for our clients every day because that’s what Liberty does and believes in.

Favourite Band?

Not a band, but Michael Bublé hands down.

If you were an animal what would you be and why?

I’d have to say a bear; the symbol of strength and stability.

Favourite place you have visited anywhere in the world?

Margaret River; close to home yet so breathtaking.

Favourite Food?

Anything Mexican.

Have you met anyone famous?

Sadly not, but there is still time.