CEO Sleepout – Target Reached

July 14, 2022

The Vinnies CEO Sleepout was a one-night event on one of the longest, wettest and coldest nights of the year.

Hundreds of CEOs, business owners as well as community and government leaders slept outdoors to support the many Australians who are experiencing homelessness and people at risk of homelessness.

Each CEO Sleepout participant committed to raising a minimum amount of funds to help Vinnies provide essential services to the people who need them.

The Liberty team, made up of Jamie Vine, Paul Miller, and Dan Clarke, had a target of $15,000.

And we did it. We raised $15,793.33.

Our team came 6th overall.

Thanks to the dozens of supporters. Whether you chipped in $30 or $300, every dollar counts.

To those that were especially generous (Tower Human Capital, CSA Cleaning, and Stewart Mc who donated more than $500 each, and AWH with $1000) we are especially humbled and grateful.

The $15,793 we’ve raised so far this year will help provide much-needed help.

Western Australia had a target of $800,000 and has so far raised $899,425.


If you would like to support this cause you still can, please click this link.