Deliver WOW!

Our aim is to create truly memorable experiences and to be a trusted extension of our client’s team.

To measure how well we are doing, we benchmark ourselves with the best customer service from around the world. To do this we are working with ‘The WOW! Awards’.

We chose this programme because ‘The WOW! Awards’ is the only independent international awards process for great customer service based entirely on customer compliments.

We would like you to let us know when a member of the Liberty team (also known as Liberators) has delivered on one or more of our values.

Own Your Impact.  Deliver WOW!  Enjoy the Future.  Be Happy.

Our values are the benchmark by which we deliver exceptional client service. It is our competitive advantage.

We believe that by delivering exceptional service our clients are able to focus on what they do best.

Own Your Impact.

We lead by example.
We take initiative.
We work collaboratively.
We own our roles.

Deliver WOW!

We are ALL responsible for creating a positive workplace.
We create truly memorable experiences all the time.
We are a trusted extension of our client’s team.

Enjoy the Future.

We support our clients’ sustainability goals.
We recognise that our small actions have a large impact on the environment.
We deliver sustainability through proactive use of local suppliers.
We protect the world today so it can be enjoyed tomorrow.

Be Happy.

We create an environment where people always want to be.
We find ways to spread joy every day.
We support one another to bring happiness to work.

To give feedback and nominate a Liberator please consider which value they met.

  • Did they Own Their Impact?
  • Did they Deliver WOW! ?
  • Did they demonstrate how to Enjoy the Future?
  • Did they demonstrate how to Be Happy?

The nomination should describe something that made you think / feel / say ‘ WOW- that was great customer service!’

It must be about a genuine customer service experience – something that has happened to you personally, which has impressed you and that happened recently.

For example:

Yesterday I asked Jackie to find out do some desk research for me.

Not only did she complete the instruction quicker than I anticipated, but the quality of the work was excellent.

She asked the right questions when I was vague, and thought beyond what I anticipated to deliver a better result than I expected.

The xls spreadsheet of data was professionally presented and will help our business beyond what we had the resources to accomplish at that time.

You cannot nominate a staff member for an award if you have personal involvement with them (i.e. if they are a member of your family, or a close friend, for instance).

Please note this page is for positive feedback only. For any other feedback, please visit our Contact Us page.

The WOW! Awards

Please click the image below to review previous nominations and to use the form there to nominate a team member.