The Business Continuity &
Workspace Recovery Solution

What would happen if next Monday morning your business was affected by a major disruption from natural or human made disasters such as: fire, flood, storm damage, earthquake, or viral epidemic, cyber-attack, crime, or terrorism?

Any of those incredibly disruptive incidents could cause irreversible damage to your company’s good name, your shareholders, board of directors and industry regulators. It could also cause severe legal ramifications. Not to mention the effect on production, distribution, or sales. Hoping it won’t happen to your business is not a sustainable strategy. It happens to 1000s of businesses worldwide ever year.

You can insure the physical assets of your business with an insurance policy, but it’s not the desks, chairs or even the IT infrastructure that keeps you in business, it’s your business processes and your staff.

Only 8% of Australian businesses have a mature business recovery plan.

That means 92% of businesses have no plan to support critical functions or customer support in times of disruption.


A bespoke solution for every business, large or small

An incident will naturally affect a small business harder than a big business. But it’s the larger organisations that are more likely to have a business continuity plan in place. With the Liberty ‘Business Continuity Solution’ our aim is to develop a specific plan for businesses from

The plan involves identifying what your business’s needs would be immediately after a disaster event: for the immediate 72 hours after and then for longer-term displacement.

We can pre-configure a secure, private, corporate-grade data connection to allow for instant connectivity, together with annual test days and PC/ laptop storage. We also include a regular rehearsal of your business continuity provisions with key staff to ensure the business continuity plans are adequate and relevant.

The full list of potential inclusions is detailed below and in the brochure. Click the orange button above to view or download.

Liberty’s Business Continuity Solution plan provides peace of mind for as little as $899 per person / per annum and includes 30 days of workspace hire


Round-the-clock access to secure offices

In most cases a business continuity plan does not mean re-housing your entire workforce. However, businesses generally have a core management team that needs to meet in one location to quickly focus on minimising disruption to customers and identifying the road to recovery. In these circumstances we can provide 24 hour access to secure offices for up to 30 people in a range of formats: boardroom, classroom, or group tables.

There may also be a time that you want to gather your entire workforce in one place to communicate the situation as it unfolds. With presentation facilities that can accommodate up to 200 people in one room, we can help with that too.

We provide a professional staffed reception to greet visitors and deal with deliveries; fully maintained & equipped kitchen and break-out space and access to printers, scanners and photocopiers.

Access within a reasonable commute time for all personnel is a main feature of the Liberty offer, as all our workspaces are conveniently located in geographically diverse locations of the Perth Metro area.


What’s included:


  • Fully furnished, immediately available workspaces
  • Access to state-of-the-art meeting,training & conference facilities
  • D-Day ‘War Room’ meeting facility immediately following invocation
  • PC & Laptop storage available free of charge


  • Onsite facilities manager
  • Local customer service team
  • Local IT support
  • Security access control
  • Daily cleaning
  • Utilities; electricity, water, heating  and air conditioning


  • Unlimited data usage
  • Secure, reliable access on up to a 1gb line (location dependent – minimum 250mb)
  • Unlimited local calls (if required)
  • Landline with direct numbers and business handset (if required)
  • Video conferencing available


  • Move to your allocated workspace with 30 days included


  • Rehearse business recovery with annual testing


  • Professionally staffed reception to greet visitors and deal with deliveries
  • Fully maintained & equipped kitchen and break-out space
  • Access to printers, scanners and photocopiers

Note: All essential services are subject to standard use; prices subject to change and are exclusive of all appropriate taxes. Actual broadband connection size to be determinedduring testing.