Concierge Service

Our Concierge Solutions can provide fully trained and managed Front of House professionals to deliver service excellence to all your building's tenants and visitors.

Landlords are under a relentless pressure to constantly improve their buildings and service offering.

The 'flight to quality' is real and as such many landlords are investing heavily in improving and upgrading the aesthetics and facilities of their buildings. But they often overlook the most important asset when it comes to creating a good first impression, the people.

These days to even be considered by new tenants there are a series of must-haves in a building, including end of trip and bike storage facilities, onsite food and beverage offerings, improved plant performance and destination-controlled lifts.

There has also been a justifiable focus on the aesthetic first impressions including full façade cladding and extensive ground floor entrance and lobby refurbishments.

But do you want your building to just be 'considered' or do you want it to STAND OUT?

To attract and retain quality tenants your building also needs to deliver an unforgettable experience.

Having invested heavily in the design and refurbishment of ground floor lobbies to create the right aesthetic and ambience as people enter the building, many Landlords then fail to complete the overhaul by wheeling out the same tired security contractor. Even though many have years of experience in 'security' they have little or no customer service experience.

By doing so Landlords miss a prime opportunity to differentiate and so many other Landlords are recognising the need to refresh the people in service to reflect the desired building image. And are seeing huge benefits.

These 'concierges' enable Landlords to create a truly memorable first impression, a real point of difference.

We can replace or work alongside the existing security personnel to convey a warm, hospitable and professional environment in which your building's guests are welcomed.

Our fully outsourced service includes the following within a fixed price contract:

  • Recruitment
  • Training & Development
  • Management & Supervisor visits
  • Annual Leave cover
  • Sick Leave cover
  • Uniforms
  • Payroll
  • Superannuation

You only get one chance to stand out from your peers, don't waste it.

If you want to know how to make your front of house experience stand out from the crowd, request a free consultation today.


Space Activation

Liberty works with landlords to activate space and generate income within their buildings.

A conventional lease isn’t always possible. In some circumstances the landlord may have other plans for the building, such as refurbishment or redevelopment, and locking in a 5-year lease may not provide the flexibility they require.

In other situations the market may be performing badly and the likelihood of finding a tenant on acceptable terms is greatly reduced.

Landlords of larger buildings are also having to constantly reinvent their tenant offering and provide more innovative onsite solutions to keep ahead of the pack. That’s where Liberty partnerships can help.

There are many benefits to landlords and property developers in partnering with Liberty, the most obvious of which we have listed below:

  • Differentiated offer - to attract & retain corporate occupiers to the remaining floors
  • Source of new tenants - incubator
  • Removal of marketing voids - certainty
  • Early income - low occupancy breakeven
  • Profit share - increased yields over market expectations
  • Flexibility - allowing for future redevelopment at short notice
  • Partnering with Liberty leverages our established brand, systems, reputation, processes and people to add value and diversity to a landlord’s assets.

Through a partnership arrangement landlords provide access to real estate assets and fit-out funding in lieu of market incentives. After overheads are covered (all local costs including but not limited to outgoings, staff, corporate, utilities, cleaning etc.) There is a profit share arrangement in which landlords often benefit from returns which far exceed rental expectations. Landlords also remove costly marketing voids and facilitate the delivery of world class flexible working facilities within their portfolio to attract and retain tenants.

Liberty will provide overall management of the business including the following:

  • Established brand & proposition
  • Leadership & culture
  • Sales process
  • Established relationships
  • Existing client base
  • Marketing
  • Sales management
  • Operational systems & standards
  • Operational management
  • Accounting & financial management
  • HR & People management
  • IT & telephony infrastructure & management

The structure of our partnership agreements are flexible and we are happy to work with landlords to try and identify a structure that works for both parties.