Jantine Borgdorff
Liberator/Client Experience Team

Where are you from?

The Netherlands


During my Bachelor’s Degree in Facility Management, I gained experience abroad and subsequently worked by different companies as a project employee, chief happiness officer and event guest hostess. I obtained my RSA in Australia!

With this experience, I will start working as an event coordinator with great pleasure and energy!

Q & A

Your favourite quote/motto/saying?

‘’I’ve never done it, but I think I can do it!’’

Little known fact about you?

Never grown up with camping but love it, so far 😉.

Favourite Band?

Coldplay! I saw them a couple times in The Netherlands, they perform an amazing show!

Favourite Food?

I love a lot of different cuisines for example Asian, Mexican, but a cheese platter eaten with friends is my favourite!

Favourite Drink?

Wine – a lovely Rosé outside in the sun at our favourite restaurant ‘The Shorehouse’

Your passion?

Taking care of people.

What you love about Liberty/your job?

The 4 values and especially the value ‘Be Happy’ – “Happy employees, who are genuinely passionate about what they do and where they work, are your best brand ambassadors.’’ And also, to work with people and to achieve many goals within the team.

If you were an animal what would you be and why?

A Bird, to see the world from above.

What’s your hidden talent?

Playing hockey! I also like the drinks after the game.

Or my 10km run under the 60 minutes.

What makes you laugh?

To see my nephews and nieces on video calls.

What did you last do for a customer that went the extra mile?

If I see guests for several times and have the same lovely conversation, that is a good start to the day. Also, when someone is in a hurry and I can help them with something, that makes my day.

Favourite place you have visited anywhere in the world?

Milford Sound, New Zealand.

Have you met anyone famous?

A Dutch host slept in our house for a tv show, I also had a lovely chat with Nic Naitanui here in Perth.