Meg Oliver
Liberator/Client Experience Team

Where are you from?

Waroona, Western Australia.


I became a trade qualified Chef and have travelled for work living in the Kimberley Region working at El Questro Station that has a luxury resort which I was fortunate enough to cook in.

As well as living in Pemberton W.A at Karri Valley Resort, working in the resort restaurant.

Q & A

Your favourite quote/motto/saying?

She’ll be right.

Little known fact about you?

I was Head Girl in Year 10, 2011 (my school was a district high, only goes up to year 10), and was asked to the Queens Reception for CHOGM where we met the Her Majesty and Prince Phillip. Among the other Perth socialites invited.

Also Visited Gallipoli in Turkey with my school and was chosen to speak at the Lone Pine service on ANZAC Day.

Favourite Band?

Zach Bryan

Favourite Food?

Mum’s Roast dinner.

Favourite Drink?

Iced cold beer.

Your passion?


What you love about Liberty/your job?

I love meeting and greeting clients.

If you were an animal what would you be and why?

Wombat, small round and sassy.

What’s your hidden talent?

I can do the splits.

What makes you laugh?

My 2-year-old nephew, Will.

What did you last do for a customer that went the extra mile?

Made an easy transition into a roll over boardroom booking for him and his clients with refreshments, tidying and rebooking ease.

Favourite place you have visited anywhere in the world?

Litchfield National Park, Darwin, Northern Territory.

Have you met anyone famous?

The Queen.