Innovation Funding Series: 26th April

26th April, 2022
1:30 pm - 4:30 pm
Liberty Training & Conference Centre, 197 St George's Terrace

As part of our ongoing support of Innovate Australia, we are delighted to be able to host the next seminar of a series of Innovation Funding Masterclasses.

This Masterclass aims to help people better understand the details of the most important tax programs that can assist them to fund their innovation.

The Masterclass will cover the fundamental tax programs that successful innovators might use in order to support the funding and advancement of their commercial success:

  • R&D Tax
  • R&D Tax Debt Funding
  • Early Stage Innovation Company (ESIC)
  • Employee Share Scheme

Attend this Masterclass to learn from the experts and how they support their clients to make the most of these programs.

R&D Tax

Every company on an innovation journey must learn how to maximise its R&D Tax claims. Startups need the Cash Rebate and existing businesses need to retain their cash through reduced tax payments. Learn the key issues on:

  • what qualifies as R&D, the biggest mistake businesses make is they don’t apply the R&D definition to its full extent and miss projects and portions of projects;
  • what costs can you claim, the second mistake is misunderstanding what an R&D cost is/is not and how to allocate costs is often confusing to many people; and
  • documentation is CRITICAL, what and how to maintain appropriate records is the most fundamental issue and most common question.

R&D Tax Debt Funding

Do you want to wait until you lodge your tax return and for the ATO to process it or would you rather have access to your R&D Rebate cash sooner? Find out how you can use a debt funding option and how it helps with:

  • providing you with short term funding support;
  • reduces your need for equity investors and reduces your dilution; and
  • increases your R&D spend and therefore increases the future R&D rebate.

Early Stage Innovation Company (ESIC) tax benefit

ESIC is to help startups access more investor equity. While it has been around for several years it is still not widely understood by both Startups and Investors. This session will teach you:

  • what the qualification requires;
  • what the benefits are; and
  • how to access ESIC status.

Employee Share Schemes (ESS)

For startups, scale-ups, and existing businesses, retaining and attracting staff is critical. Using an ESS is a common practice but confusing and complicated for most business owners. We will cover:

  • what is an ESS and when it is most commonly used;
  • what is the benefit of an ESS for employees and business owners; and
  • how do you implement and manage it.


Corey Beat, Partner, Crowe Australasia

Stephen Carroll, Director, Evolv3

Roy Smith, Relationship Manager, Radium Capital

Tickets are $25 plus Eventbrite fees.

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