Perth Angels Virtual Pitch Nights & Masterclasses

April 9, 2020

As part of our commitment to support the local business community we sponsor Perth Angels.

However, with the current situation ‘live events’ are not possible.

So Perth Angels are switching gears and moving into the virtual world with Pitch Nights and Masterclasses online from April to September 2020!

As an organisation Perth Angels are committed to supporting a diverse and rich innovation ecosystem in Western Australia and believe entrepreneurs and founders of start-up and early stage companies need support more than ever.

The current market conditions are challenging and they are especially challenging for entrepreneurs and founders of start-up and early stage companies.

Perth Angels promise to founders is to connect them to investors and co-ordinate interest, due diligence and investment as a result of their events and functions.

In their announcement about ‘switching gears’ Perth Angels stated, “The current and anticipated market conditions over the next six months create a challenging environment for start-ups and early stage companies pitching for investments. However, we believe there is still interest and capacity for new investments in start-up and early stage companies.

There is a rare opportunity for start-up and early stage companies to enter the market during these unique trading conditions, and capitalise on emerging trends. 

Some of today’s major companies, including Uber, WhatsApp, Slack, Airbnb and Square were all founded during the aftermath of the GFC.”

You can read more about that here. 

Between October 2020 and June 2021, when we can return to our plans, we will be running our planned Growth and Diversity program and our series of investor boardroom lunches, masterclasses and pitch nights.

We plan to restart our in-person events and functions in October 2020 with a re-launch of our formal Growth and Diversity program with a breakfast event on October 14, 2020.”

You can hear from their Chairman, Ian Brown by clicking on the image below.