Why Flexible Workspace

Long-term leases tie up a lot of capital and put handcuffs on the ability of organisations to upsize or downsize. More and more organisations are looking for less rigid solutions to their office requirements.

Businesses enjoy contemporary interior design, and the value that private offices and coworking provide for productivity, as well as recruiting and retaining talent.

Why Us

Our mission to deliver a better experience for our clients is as important today as it has always been.

We deliver agility, cost-efficient facilities, state-of-the-art technology, contemporary interior design, and exceptional client experience, creating a world-beating workspace environment for today’s businesses. Because we are headquartered in Perth our senior management can make quick decisions for problem solving and resolution.

Everything you’d expect of the leaders in the workspace revolution.

Our Values

Our values are the benchmark by which we deliver exceptional client service. It is our competitive advantage.

We believe that people that work in our client organisations need us to deliver exceptional service and define this as an optimistic attitude, perceptiveness, communication, and delivering nothing less than outstanding outcomes.

The Happy Workplace Group

The Happy Workplace Group is the parent company of Liberty Flexible Workspaces and the commercial real estate business, Felix Real Estate.

FelixRE aims to cover the market, from helping landlords add flex to their buildings to partnering with occupiers.

FelixRE works hand-in-hand with Liberty Flexible Workspaces to help landlords ‘Add Flex’ to buildings and provide amenities to attract corporate occupiers whilst simultaneously curating a pipeline of future tenants.

FelixRE also helps businesses, including clients of Liberty, navigate their commercial real estate journey, identifying solutions appropriate to businesses’ individual needs.

Our companies common purpose is to unleash the power of happiness by creating environments where people love to be. And because what makes a happy workplace today might not be the same tomorrow, we decided to name the business with our purpose as a constant reminder and a constant mission to deliver the kind of places where people want to work.


Four Values Underpin How We Operate.

Our Locations

Liberty workspaces are in central locations, with all the business and personal benefits of being close to other CBD businesses, restaurants, bars and cafes.

Exceptional Service throughout

The Liberators are here as an extension of your team, not to service our business. They are not rewarded by revenue generation, but by client retention, their personality and panache.

Because we are headquartered in Perth our senior management can make quick decisions for problem solving and resolution.

World-class Facilities

Liberty provides inspiring accommodation and a welcoming professional environment to enable you to remain in control of your commercial success.

You will not see our logo anywhere. Our workspaces are purposefully unbranded so your staff feel ownership of the space and your clients feel the space is all yours.

Simplicity and Flexibility

The flexible workspace market has matured significantly with more and more organisations choosing simplicity and flexibility over the suffocation and constraints of conventional leases.

But flexibility is no longer the only driver for organisations choosing workspaces. They are also looking for service, they are looking for value, they want to remove all distractions and be free to concentrate on their core business. We do that.

Client loyalty

Since our launch, the consistent feedback we’ve had from happy clients is that we are honest, transparent, and reliable. 

Many clients join us as a temporary solution and end up staying because we delivered on our promises and did not fill their invoices with unwelcome surprises. It helps them stay agile to market conditions and the affordability makes commercial sense.


We are so confident in the transparent way we operate that we produced a ‘Buyer’s Guide’ to workspaces.

This guide gives impartial advice for businesses seeking office space. It is intended to help with what can be quite a complex decision – how to go about finding the right office for your needs, at a total price that works for you – so you are in control and confident at the helm of your enterprise.

We aim to cut through the clutter and give you accurate and easy-to-understand advice – it’s not just about highlighting why you should choose Liberty, it’s about giving you the insights you need to make the right choice.


Liberty has simple, straightforward, easy-to-understand pricing. We keep all ad-hoc charges to a minimum so you can feel secure knowing there are no surprises.

Organisations can clearly budget for all of the likely costs associated with occupying a flexible workspace and make an informed decision, rather than selecting an operator based on a gimmick or package that ultimately may not provide good value.

By providing this level of visibility and simplicity to our clients, prior to any commitment, we have significantly improved the buying process for many organisations.

Understanding the total cost of occupancy

The charges you can incur in this area vary wildly between providers and this is more often than not where clients feel the pain of choosing (what appeared to be) the cheapest option.

We are the only operator who will prepare an estimated total cost of occupancy to include all consumable items and ad-hoc services, to compare against other operators and the conventional market if requested.

We fully understand the total cost of occupancy and we have developed a very simple comparison tool that clearly demonstrates all of the costs that need to be considered before making your decision.