Kiara Rotaru
Marketing Executive, The Happy Workplace Group

Where are you from?

Perth, WA


I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Design and worked in Promotional Marketing for a few years before I landed a job with Mercedes-Benz in Perth working in Marketing, Events and Client Relations. I took some time off when my son was little then found myself in Local Government working in Community Development but I’m really excited to be back to my real passion – marketing, and working with an amazing team!

Q & A

Your favourite quote/motto/saying?

“Dwell on the beauty of life. Watch the stars, and see yourself running with them.” Marcus Aurelius

Little known facts about you?

I love fast cars, Formula 1 and even have my motorcycle license. Before I become a mum, I was the proud owner of a Mercedes-AMG and a Triumph Street Triple R.

Favourite Band?

No favourites but I do like a wide range of music – from classic composers like Debussy and 50s Jazz to RnB and Pop –  just as long as it isn’t Country or anything ABBA!

Favourite Food?

Beef Cheek Ravioli! Or a perfectly cooked steak with pepper sauce and fries – yum!

Favourite Drink?

Prosecco for sure!

Your passion?

Cooking! I grew up in a big Italian family where food and sharing a meal together was so important. I love that I can do that now for my family.

What you love about Liberty/your job?

Everything! We have an amazing team who go above and beyond to support each other and our clients. It really is a happy place to be!

If you were an animal what would you be and why?

I’m definitely a cat. I love sitting windows and soaking up the sunshine.

What’s your hidden talent?

I’m not too bad at a Paint & Sip session!

What makes you laugh?

My son – he’s already telling Dad Jokes at 5!

What did you last do for a customer that went the extra mile?


Favourite place you have visited anywhere in the world?

Venice, especially after all the tourists have left for the day.

Have you met anyone famous?

Geoffrey Rush, Mick Fanning and Daniel Ricciardo.