WOW! Awards – July 2021

August 13, 2021

Our aim is to deliver an EPIC Client Experience to our clients in order for them to succeed.

To measure how well we are doing, we benchmark ourselves with the best in customer service from around the world.

To do this we subscribed to The WOW! Awards programme because it is the only independent international awards process for great customer service based entirely on the directly submitted nominations from clients. The nominations are then independently judged if worthy of an Award.

WOW! judged 3 nominations worthy of Awards in July.

Charli-Rose Willmott’s Award was nominated by Curtis Clarke.

“Over the past 6 weeks during the Fit-out Charli has shown the necessary qualities to cement her place in the Primewest portfolio of high achievers in customer service. Charli-Rose has always maintained liberty’s core values, Positivity, Intuitiveness and Communicativeness, therefore, achieving excellence. These qualities continued to shine whilst moving people from office to office and moving an abundant amount of furniture, an act that most people would walk away from during a tumultuous period of renovation. Quality leadership was also shown during the last days of the fit-out with other staff away. Hats off to Charli-Rose”

Jackie Jayasagaram’s Award was nominated by Georgia Lewis.

“For over a week, I’ve been trying to get my printer to work in the office. Jackie has been awesome in her attempt to get it working for me. With Wi-Fi connections, Mac’s and HP laptops and computers together with adaptors – it’s been technically complex. Jackie however, never gave up and I thoroughly appreciated her persistence particularly that I had to get reading materials for a Board meeting for 12 people printed, bound and posted out within a demanding timeframe. Thanks, Jackie”

Amy Wilson’s Award was nominated by Bianca R.s.

“Amy has been incredibly helpful and professional throughout my teams time here at Outram Street. Amy provides constant support for our ever-changing needs and is quick to provide information on our extensive/never-ending questions! Amy handles our difficult requests with a brilliant smile and energy. We thoroughly appreciate the excellent work she does for us to help our office run smoothly!”

If you have a nomination for one of the Liberators, please go to this page on our website.